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Your Success is our Business


Fast, easy, accurate payroll and tax, so you save time and money.  Leverage the benefits of working with payroll experts. We will calculate and pay payroll taxes on your behalf using expert payroll software.   


Attract incredible people, then propel them toward high performance.  From recruiting and onboarding to learning and development, we're here to support your HR journey - for businesses of all sizes and across industries.

Retirement Plans

Attract, retain and reward your employees with retirement solutions such as 401(k), SIMPLE IRA or SEP IRA plans - to help them become retirement ready. 

Group Health Insurance

Get access to health benefits from Automatic Data Processing Insurance Agency, Inc's (ADPIA) carrier partners and receive advice from seasoned, licensed professionals.  Learn how integration with payroll can make benefits administration efficient, simplify payroll deductions and more. 

Business Insurance

Work with licensed business insurance agents through ADPIA for property and casualty insurance, like mandated workers' comp, general liability insurance and more.

HR Services

Whether you face an unexpected challenge, are planning a specific initiative or just want to know how other companies excel at HR - you can rely on ADP.  Technology can help you solve many time-consuming tasks and challenges, but sometimes you just need a quick answer to a simple HR question and sometimes you need a strategic HR consulting for a major initiative or complex project.


ADP HR services range from simple templates and call centers for everyday questions, to long term HR consulting engagements related to mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. 

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